What's better than this? Just ungulates hanging out :)

My name is Poppy, and as of writing this I'm a 24 year old student from Copenhagen, Denmark. I study animal science at UCPH, and arachnids in my free time. I'm also the proud parent of hundreds of bugs, including tarantulas, snails, and stick insects. Oh, and my pronouns are rae/raer (preferred), she/her, or he/him.

Other than my studies and my pets, my hobbies include folklore, art, roleplaying (LARP, D&D, chat-based, you name it :D), thrift/antique shopping, and, of course, everything that's going on with the therian, other-/fictionkin, and nonhuman communities! I'm also in various fandoms (particularly Avatar 2009, Animorphs, Bella Sara, Ben 10, and Cats the Musical).

I'm a mix of asatru, protestant, pantheist, and popculture pagan. I was raised on Norse mythology by a viking reenactor, which of course affected my later choices a lot. I'm particularly devoted to Frej (ᚠᚱᚽᛁ), and I have worked with a few other aser, vaner, and jætter. I still celebrate all the Christian traditions I grew up with, and I love going to church at Christmas, but that's more or less my only connections to that faith.
When I read His Dark Materials as a kid the idea of Dust stuck with me, so my beliefs can basically be summarized by that concept - I believe that the only truly 'divine' thing is consciousness, thought, and creativity, and that there's a sort of push-and-pull relationship between conscious creatures, like humans, and conscious particles, like Dust. I believe that when I'm performing witchcraft or talking to my deities, I'm really communicating with Dust.

FurCode: FArB/FCWF3adr A+ C- D++ H- M! P+ R T++++ W- Z Sp+ RL- a e f+ h+ iwf++ p++ sn+

WereCode: WArB6&WHy4&Fic A+ H20oc1 Nd++~ H- T— Wr F++++ N Ea+++ Cc+ Nk+ RLSs a c+ g r+ e w+ h+ iwf++ p++++ Sn+

In 2013 (or a bit before that) I started awakening - I knew I was some kind of nonhuman, but for a good while I couldn't figure out what exactly. I had feelings and shifts that were reminiscent of both Artiodactyla and Carnivora. Then, in 2016, I got a flashing image of being a bison and wading through soft, lush grass with heavy hooves. After that I knew my ungulate feelings were bison.

In 2017 I shared my carnivorous feelings on tumblr multiple times, asking if other people might recognize them. Eventually an anonymous messager told me about gnolls, which I looked into, and found to be a close enough match! My gnoll species has very little to do with those from D&D, but they're similar enough that I use 'gnoll' as a shorthand.

In 2019 I had a dream where a deity-like alien told me that I was fictionkin with Ben 10, and when I woke up I was in a shift which ended up lasting 2 weeks. Though I'm not in a constant shift now, the fictionkin feelings are still there.

My Tarzan- and unicornhearted feelings have been there as long as I can remember, while the spiderhearted feelings started appearing in the last decade. They present themselves in wildly different ways - my unicorn- and spiderheartedness is more of a deep affinity, while my Tarzan-heartedness is more like looking in the mirror.

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Last updated: October 2022

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