Title Author Year Summary Keywords
I'm Ben, But Call Me Poppy Poppy (he/she) 2022 An introduction to the author's experience being fictionkind with parallel lives. The article focuses on what it feels like to be fictionkind and is written in a outsider-friendly language. Character, Awakening, Parallel life, Ben 10, Ben Tennyson
Fangs, Flesh, and Flight Ebony (he/him) 2014 Why call yourself fictionkin when you had your species identity long before your species actually appeared in a work of fiction? In addition to this, the author explores what his thestral-body feels like and how he came to visualize it. Body, Species, Harry Potter, Thestral
Possible Vampire Fictionkin Sonne (she/her) 2012 Considerations of whether the author's vampire identity might originate in fiction, since it doesn't match any folkloric vampires, and whether the fictionkin label is even useful without a specific source material. Awakening, Species, Categorization, Vampire
The Lens through Which I View My Kinity Tigh (he/him) 2021 A description of the author's fictionkinity and how it's related to their mental illness Psychological, Neurodivergence