Identity exploration: Awakening, Categorization, Questioning, Unawakening

Information: FAQ/101, History, Semantics, Shifting, Origins, Transspecies

Metadiscussion: Intersectionality, Intercommunal politics, Intracommunal politics, Misanthropy, Public relations, Species diversity, Wishkin

Kintypes: Divine, Dragon, Elfae

Title Author Year Keywords
A Call to Arms Baxil 2003 Public relations
Advice for those new to Otherkin Mikh'to 2015 Awakening, FAQ/101
alterhuman =/= otherkin Aster/the Flock (fae/faer, it/its) 2020 Semantics, Intercommunal politics, Intracommunal politics
Alt.Fan.Dragons - 1997-? History
Angelic Musings MemoryandDream 2004 FAQ/101, Divine
An Introduction to Draconity Avatara Raki 2006 FAQ/101, Questioning, Dragon
Articles on Awakening Abritha & Estara Korai 2001 Awakening
Ask the Advice Dragon Baxil 2003 FAQ/101
Ask the Advice Dragon (Part 2) Baxil 2003 FAQ/101
Breaking the News Eredien 2006 Public relations
Catalogue of nonhuman communities Orion Sandstorrm 2004 History
The Draconity FAQ Baxil 1999 FAQ/101, History, Dragon
The Elf Queen’s Daughters and the Silver Elves Leaf McGowan 2011 History, Elfae
Faeborn vs. Otherkin Melishal 2002 Semantics, Intracommunal politics, Origins
Fantastic Intolerance Kaijima A. Frostfang 2002 Public relations
Finding your kintype/theriotype V the lizard (it/xe/he/they) 2014 Awakening, Questioning, FAQ/101
For Dragons KaniS 2006 FAQ/101, Mythological, Dragon
Guilty Until Proven Innocent Kaijima A. Frostfang 2002 Intracommunal politics, Public relations
How Do I Know if I Am a Dragon? Firefen 2000 Questioning
In Defense of Crazy Baxil 2001 Public relations
Is there a way to tell if your memories are actually memories or not? Serious Otherkin 2016 Questioning
Jafira's Draconity Guide (note: link opens a pdf) Jafira 2018 Awakening, Questioning, FAQ/101, History, Origins, Public relations, Species diversity, Dragon
The Logic of Otherkin Kaijima A. Frostfang 2002 Public Relations
The More I Know, the Less I Believe Kaijima A. Frostfang 2002 Intracommunal Politics, Misanthropy
On Angels and Elitism Iophiel 2012? Intercommunal politics, Divine, Elfae
On Dragons and Hate Baxil 2000 Intercommunal politics, Public relations, Misanthropy
On "Otherkin Angst" Kistaro Windrider & Delcan the Odd 2006 Public relations, Misanthropy
On past lives as a status symbol within the otherkin community Darkness 2014 Intracommunal politics, Origins
OtherKin - A faq Kaijima A Frostfang 2003 FAQ/101
Otherkin, roleplaying, and kin-for-fun Rani (they/them, it/its, dre/drem) 2020 Intracommunal politics, Public relations, Wishkin
Otherkin Emblem Kaltezar 2002 History
Otherkin: Otherworldly Souls Saau Hatshepsut 2012 Public relations
Otherkin Primer Xenia 2015 FAQ/101
Past Life Recall Techniques Melishal 2003 Awakening, Questioning
Questions & Answers M. Turner 2000 FAQ/101, Divine
Sleepwalking Kaijima A. Frostfang 2003 Awakening
So, You’re Otherkin….Now What?! Neserit Luncast 2012 FAQ/101
Sources on the otherkin definition Spierce (she/her, they/them) 2021 Semantics
Theories of Causes of Otherkin kinspeak 2011 Origins
Trans-speciesism Tserisa 2005 Transspecies, Origins
Unperceivables: Why Belief is beyond Logic and Science Soreth Whitescale 2005 Origins, Intracommunal politics
Various theories and the like... Wildelf 2002 Origins
What is your definition of a dragon? Rene 2005 Categorization, Intracommunal politics, Dragon
What it Really Means to be Faeborn Skyling 2003 Semantics, Intracommunal politics, Origins
Why the tumblr community is declining Luteia (fae/faer, he/him), feat. commentary by @controversycentral 2020 Intracommunal politics, Kin-for-fun
Why we care Luteia (fae/faer, he/him) 2020 Intracommunal politics, Kin-for-fun
You can't fly. Kistaro Windrider 2005 Misanthropy
Title Author Year Keywords
Title Author Year Keywords

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