Themes: Awakening, Unawakening, Body, Disability, Mentality, Neurodiversity, Intersections, BIPOC, Gender/Sexuality, Origins, Questioning, Grilling, Spiritual beliefs, Non-spiritual beliefs

Identity types: Cladokind, Polykind, Nonhuman (Unspecified)

Mythological kintypes: Basilisk, Divine, Dragon, Elfae, Harpy, Kitsune, Vampire, Werewolf

Fictional kintypes: Original species

Title Author Year Keywords
A brief look at V'lurians Takkaddu 2002 Fictional, Original species
About the Dragoness Dracana 2000 Mythological, Dragon
Angelic Musings MemoryandDream 2004 Awakening, Mythological, Divine
A Prepaved Path? LunaFaye 2002 Questioning
Across the Veil: A Brief Overview of Vanaheim Nornoriel 2014 Mythological, Elfae
A Ho-Hum Awakening Yoje 2006 Awakening, Mythological, Dragon
Am I Crazy? Skyling 2002 Origins, Questioning, Neurodiversity
Behind a Vampiric Grin Sonne 2013 Mentality, Mythological, Vampire
Being Basilisk, Being Human Dash L. Duke 2021 Body, Mythological, Basilisk
Being Blutpir Sonne 2021 Polykind, Mythological, Vampire
Beneath the Surface Sonne 2013 Mentality, Nonhuman
Considerations about Draconity Near To The Sky 2006? Mythological, Dragons
Contemplations on Vampire Otherkin Sonne 2012 Mythological, Vampire
Dragons: What They Mean to Me and Why Zelandeth 2003? Mythological, Dragon
Elf Is A Gender Darkness 2014 Mythological, Elfae, Intersections, Gender/Sexuality
Faeries, Fallen Angels, Demons and other related stuff Tophu 2012 Origins, Spiritual beliefs, Mythological, Elfae, Divine
Faery vs. Nature Spirits Estara Korai 2001 Mythological, Elfae
Fangs, Flesh, and Flight Ebony 2014 Body, Fictional, Thestral
Five Years of Draconity Kaijima A. Frostfang 2001 Mythological, Dragon
Flying on a Dragon Dracasethaen Therionolinthe Goldwing 2001? Awakening, Mythological, Dragon
How Can I Believe in Anything? Kaijima A. Frostfang 2001 Spiritual beliefs, Non-spiritual beliefs
Identifying As a Dragon Anonymous 2002 Mythological, Dragon
In the Light of Love Praxa PearlWing 2001? Awakening, Mythological, Dragon
In which Miss Darkness tells you about her Awakening Darkness 2014 Awakening, Mythological, Elfae
Interview with a Basilisk Dash L. Duke 2021 Mythological, Basilisk
Jafira's Draconity Guide (note: link opens a pdf) Jafira 2018 Awakening, Origins, Questioning, Spiritual beliefs, Mythological, Dragon
Kaerou's Story Kaerou 2001 Awakening, Mythological, Dragon
Katur’Alia (Keepers of the People) Aiaquel 2002 Mythological, Fictional, Elfae, Original species
The Life and Times of Baxil Baxil 1998 Awakening, Mythological, Dragon
Lilewyn's Story J.C. 2001? Awakening, Mythological, Dragon
Monsters, Vampires, and Personal Animality Sonne 2012 Polykind, Mythological, Vampire
Mythology Baxil 2001 Origins, Spiritual beliefs, Non-spiritual beliefs
Not Not Believing Baxil 2000 Unawakening
On Being a Kitsune, part I Solo 2012 Mythological, Kitsune
On Being a Kitsune, part II Solo 2012 Mythological, Kitsune
One Dragon's Opinion Karnalis Pax Hai Repchan 2005 Mythological, Dragon
On Elves: The Elven Way Ilon Bluesky 1994 Mythological, Elfae
On Finding Myself Verde 2012 Mythological, Elfae
Possible Vampire Fictionkin Sonne 2012 Awakening, Fictional, Mythological, Vampire
Quantum Theology Baxil 2002 Spiritual beliefs, Non-spiritual beliefs
Reiko: A Personal Experience Solo 2012 Mythological, Kitsune
Sanar Tanaii-Ka or The Journey to Become Fearadyn 2002 Awakening, Mythological, Elfae
So What Difference Does it Make, Anyhow? Baxil 1998 Mythological, Dragon
The Starlit Ones Yldann 2008 Mythological, Elfae
Stupid Binaries Mikh'to 2015 Categorization
Sleepwalking Kaijima A. Frostfang 2003 Awakening
That Which Snatches And That Which Flies Zedjeb 2012 Mythological, Harpy
The Transformation of the Kitsune Solo 2012 Mytholoical, Kitsune, Spiritual beliefs
Tuatha De Danaan Memories talakestreal 2007 Mythological, Elfae
Way of this Werewolf Cavern-Risen 2015 Mythological, Werewolf
What Good Are Memories of Past Lives? Why should I remember? Syleniel 2002 Origins
What is a Fei? Melishal 2002 Mythological, Fictional, Elfae, Original species
What is Draconity? Bronze Mistral 200? Mythological, Dragon, Spiritual beliefs
What's in (My) Name? Baxil 2002 Awakening
When Your Inner Child Is a Dragon Rene 2005 Awakening, Body, Mentality, Mythological, Dragon
Why Are We Here? - An Editorial The_Grimm_Judge 2002 Mythological, Elfae, Origins
Why Being a Dragon Sucks Kaijima A. Frostfang 2001 Mythological, Dragon
Why Being a Dragon Doesn't Suck Kaijima A. Frostfang 2001 Mythological, Dragon
Why I Don't Wear Wings Eredien 2003 Body
Why? - Pushing the Boundaries of Belief The_Grimm_Judge 2002 Origins, Questioning, Grilling
Title Author Year Keywords
Title Author Year Keywords
Title Author Year Keywords
Title Author Year Keywords

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