Identity exploration: Awakening, Categorization, Questioning, Unawakening

Information: Cladotherianthropy, FAQ/101, History, Semantics, Shifting

Metadiscussion: Intersectionality, Intercommunal politics, Intracommunal politics, Origins, Public relations, Species diversity

Title Author Year Keywords
Alt.Horror.Werewolves - 2003-2021 History
Believe It or Not? Meirya (they/them) 2007 Questioning
Cladotherianthropy Pantairin (she/her) 2011 Cladotherianthropy, Semantics
False Werewolves with the Vampire Don VampireKitten 2008 Public relations, Intercommunal politics, Vampires
Finding your kintype/theriotype V the lizard (it/xe/he/they) 2014 Awakening, Questioning, FAQ/101
Is there a way to tell if your memories are actually memories or not? Serious Otherkin 2016 Questioning
On Being Berserk Tenshi 2010 Shifting
Skinside Out Meirya (they/them) 2006 Semantics
The Symbolic Meaning of Lycanthropy Lynna Landstreet 1989 Origins
Were-words 1: Phenotype or Anima? Lynna Landstreet 1999 Semantics, History
Were-words 2: Theriopsyche & Theriopneuma Lynna Landstreet 1999 Semantics, History
Werewolves and Witches and Archetypes, Oh My! Lynna Landstreet 1999 Public relations
What does it mean to be a were - and is were is the word to use? Lynna Landstreet 1999 Semantics, History, FAQ/101
Why Big Fierce Animals Aren't Rare (on AHWW, anyway) Lynna Landstreet 1999 Species diversity
Wild Ideas FAQ Lynna Landstreet 2007 FAQ/101
The Wings, the Sky and the Bird Akhila 2012 Categorization, Semantics, Intracommunal politics
Title Author Year Keywords
Title Author Year Keywords
Title Author Year Keywords

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