Themes: Awakening, Body, Disability, Mentality, Neurodiversity, Intersections, BIPOC, Beliefs

Identity types: Cladotherian, Fictherian, Paleotherian, Polykind, Polytherian, Theriomythic

Bird: Buzzard, Eagle, Falcon, Hawk, Heron, Quetzal, Raven, Swan
Carnivore: Cat, Cheetah, Dog, Mongoose, Wolf
Reptile: Crocodilian, Dinosaur, Snake
Ungulate: Antelope, Deer, Giraffe, Goat, Horse, Sheep
Other: Bat, Fish, Invertebrate, Moth, Nudibranch, Shark

Fictheriotypes: Ikran, Indoraptor, Named, Pokemon

Mythic Theriotypes: Felidavian, Phoenix

Title Author Date Keywords
A day in the life of a birdperson: Keeping up the facade Acies 2012 Bird
A Lurking Predator and a Playful Beauty Tamuril (she/her) 2007 Polytherian, Carnivore, Cat, Ungulate, Horse
A Problem in the Therian Community Miushra (she/her) 2021 Fictherian, Carnivore, Named
A Raptor's Primary Senses Meirya (they/them) 2012 Body, Bird, Hawk
An Injured Bird Hides Tsu (she/her) 2012 Awakening, Bird, Swan
The Alien Avian Meirya (they/them) 2012 Mentality, Bird
Alone in the Flock Emi 2021 Fictherian, Ikran
Banshee Intro Emi 2019 Awakening, Fictherian, Ikran
Bird music: Meirya’s thoughts Meirya (they/them) 2012 Bird
Birdtistic Tsu (she/her) 2012 Intersections, Neurodiversity, Bird, Swan
Choice, Instinct, and Therianthropy Citrakayah (he/him) 2012 Mentality, Carnivore, Cheetah
Cinnamon and Myrrh Meirya (they/them) 2012 Theriomythic, Bird, Phoenix
Comparing One Name To The Named Miushra (she/her) 2014 Fictherian, Carnivore, Named
The Dao of Duiker Sondu 2008 Ungulate, Duiker Antelope
Deconstructing the Raptor Nomad 2011 Paleotherian, Reptile, Dinosaur
Designing a Theriotype Sonne (she/her) 2010 Awakening, Paleotherian, Reptile, Dinosaur
Disabled Alterhumanity Polymorph Chronicles 2021 Intersections, Disability
Domestic and Wild: Spectrum of Diversity Sonne (she/her) 2008 Polytherian, Ungulate, Horse, Carnivore, Mongoose
Eating with a Raptor GreyGhost 2012 Mentality, Bird, Hawk
Expressing Hawk Meirya 2012 Body, Bird, Hawk
Expressing Phoenix Meirya 2012 Spirituality, Theriomythic, Bird, Phoenix
The Fall Acies 2012 Bird
Fear and Boldness Tamuril (she/her) 2007 Polytherian, Carnivore, Cat, Ungulate, Horse
Feathers Meirya (they/them) 2005 Body, Bird
Feathers and Scales Quatz 2016 Polytherian, Reptile, Snake, Bird, Quetzal
The Fire Burns Bright Jasper 2021 Fictherian, Pokemon (Marowak)
From The Deep Blue Sea Ocean Watcher 2010 Polytherian, Fish, Shark, Invertebrate, Nudibranch
Growth and Reevaluation Meirya (they/them) 2006 Awakening
Heron Story Tsu (she/her) 2012 Bird, Heron
I am Not the Grace of Doe Your Deer 2013 Ungulate, Deer
Ikran tì’i’avay krrä Emi 2019 Fictherian, Ikran
I'll Only Fly Away Ari 2012 Polykind, Bird, Eagle
Journals 002 Shimi 2021 Reptile, Crocodilia
The Man who Can Fly Tsu (she/her) 2012 Bird
Midnight Sand: Essay on Horse Sonne (she/her) 2006 Ungulate, Horse
Motionless Claws Citrakayah (he/him) 2011 Carnivore, Cheetah
My Antlers Tell Lies Pantairin (she/her) 2012 Cladotherian, Ungulate, Deer
My Story & Experiences as a Felidavian Shifter LunarWing 2021 Awakening, Theriomythic, Carnivore, Cat, Bird, Felidavian
The Nature of Buzzard Sunburn 2013 Mentality, Bird, Buzzard
On Extinction Nomad 2009 Paleotherian
On Wings of a Living Past Sonne (she/her) 2009 Paleotherian, Reptile, Dinosaur
The Purity Myth and the Liminal Mute Tsu (she/her) 2013 Bird, Swan
Raw Raven Akhila 2012 Polytherian, Carnivore, Cat, Bird, Raven
Recalling Chiroptera Aethyriek (they/them, she/her) 2021 Intersections, Disability, Neurodiversity, Bat
Skyward & Grounded Khamaseen 2013 Ungulate, Giraffe
Snake Eyes: Living as a Cobra Therian SerpentineZebra 2009 Awakening, Reptile, Snake
Swamp Indoraptor – A Variation Indornaga 2021 Fictherian, Paleotherian, Reptile, Indoraptor
The Symbolic Meaning of Lycanthropy Lynna Landstreet 1989 Beliefs, Carnivore, Wolf
To be the 'Under-Goat' Syd the Kid 2021 Ungulate, Goat
Triple Consciousness Ilrak 2021 Prose, Poetry, Intersections, BIPOC, Bird, Raven
Twisting Intersections Noel Sol (she/they) 2021 Polykind, Reptile, Crocodilian
What Are Birds? We Just Don’t Know: More thoughts on “Finding Bird” Tsu (she/her) 2012 Bird
What it’s Like for Me to be a Moth Zed 2021 Invertebrate, Moth
Who Holds the Sun in Winter Khamaseen 2012 Theriomythic, Carnivore, Cat, Bird, Felidavian
Wild Dog Teja (he/him) 2007 Awakening, Cladotherian, Carnivore, Dog, Wolf
Writing on Horse Your Deer 2013 Ungulate, Horse
Voice Against Value Swiftfoxn 2021 Intersections, Neurodiversity, Polytherian, Bird, Osprey, Raven
The Wings, the Sky and the Bird Akhila 2012 Bird
Wolf Therians & Pack Lupa ? Wolf
Title Author Year Keywords

Last updated: April 2022

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