A forum for dragons and dragon-lovers of all kinds.

Dragonkin Network
A hub for dragonkin and dragon-lovers to connect.
Fictionkind Dreamwidth Community
A journaling community for all fiction-related identities (not limited to fictionkind).

Nonhuman National Park
A forum focused on building bridges between the different subcommunities in the larger nonhuman/alterhuman community.

Therian Community
An Amino community for therians, split off from the Therian Amino due to the latter being unsupportive of multiple systems.


Beyond Humanity
This site is run by Kiera, a dragon who has been in the community since 2014. One of the highlights of this website is a dictionary of all common and uncommon lingo in the alterhuman community.

The Chimeras Library
House of Chimeras is a multiple system that has been in the alterhuman community for about 15 years. Their website hosts a ton of personal writings, resources, and community history, some of which will also be linked in the Archive.

Last updated: March 2022

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