On this page you'll find all the essays, explanations, and guides I've personally written, sorted by date.

Inventing more words, this time out of snark more than necessity.
6th of December, 2021

Gentle Alterhumanity
Examining how my alterhumanity's presentation has changed after/during a very stressful period of my life in which I've had to remove myself from the community.
23rd of November, 2021

Choice or Chance?: Exploring voluntarity and categorization in the otherkin and therian communities
The script for my Othercon 2021 lecture, in which I examine the way we categorize nonhumans based on the perceived amount of choice they had in their identity, and how this practice is detrimental to both questioning people and our community as a whole. At the end, I propose a new way to define otherkind and otherlinkers to hopefully move our community forward.
15th of August, 2021

The Red Herring
An essay explaining how the focus on childhood memories, when trying to validate your identity, is a distraction from the experiences that really form your identity.
19th of July, 2021

On Kinnies and Kinning
A new and much more generous look at 'kinnies' than is usually seen on tumblr, in service of trying to understand where this phenomenon comes from.
5th of July, 2021

Noemata: Background, definition, and use
A full and (hopefully) final explanation of the term 'noema'/'noemata' as it is used in the nonhuman and alterhuman communities.
18th of June, 2021

Causal Beliefs
A list of all the beliefs about causes of otherkinity that I'm aware of.
13th of December, 2020

The Nature of Otherkinity
A short essay, originally posted on tumblr, in which I try to summarize exactly what kind of phenomenon otherkinity is, as it can't be fully encompassed by terms like "spiritual," "religious," or "psychological."
24th of March, 2017

On 'kin of' language and semantics
A short essay, originally posted on tumblr, in which I argue why using 'kin of' instead of the more common 'kin with' is an unnecessary change to force on the community, and why the criticisms levelled at 'kin with' are not reflective of every individual's experiences with species.
13th of January, 2017


On my tumblr blog I've answered a lot of questions over the years. It doesn't make sense to archive these on individual pages, but they nonetheless provide some good reading material.

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