The admins on the Fictionkind Dreamwidth regularly post prompts to encourage community members to write about their experiences. Here is the list (and, when applicaple, a link to my own response). If you feel inclined to write anything in response to these prompts, I encourage you to join the Dreamwidth community and share it there:

1. Awakening: What was the event that triggered your awakening? What made you start to question being fictionkind or fictionhearted, and how did it feel when you figured it out? When did you understand that you had a system, and how did they react to their source(s)? When did you find your hearthome, and how did you know you belonged there? When did you first experience a fictionflicker? How did you come across your fictionlink, and in what ways did you integrate them with your personality? Have you ever created a thoughtform in the likeness of a fictional character? How did this process impact your life over the following weeks/months/year?

2. Canon: How closely is your identity aligned with canon events in your source? Completely, partially, or not at all? Do you experience multiple canon and alternative timelines concurrently? How much does the source material of your alterfictional identity influence your personality and behavior, if at all?

3. Live Acton: Is there a live-action movie or series based on your source? How do the actors and events match up with your noemata? Does anyone look unusual? Is CGI or practical effects necessary to represent the people and creatures from your source? If there are no live-action materials for your source (or if it already is by default), who would you personally pick as the cast and why?

4. Weather: What kind of weather does your source have? Is it very different from Earth, similar, or completely alien? Do you or your fictomere have any special connection to the weather or climate? If not, what kind of weather-based power would you or they want to have?

5. Food: Does your fictomere have a favorite food? Is it a dish that can't be found on Earth? If so, what's the closest you can get to having it again? Would it be considered taboo or gross by today's human standards? Does your society or species have any special customs or rituals around meals?

6. Action: What is your most exciting noema?

7. Under Pressure: Is there anything related to your identity that makes you feel afraid?

8. Road Trip: If you could hit the road with anyone from your source material (yes, including yourself), who would it be? Where would you go and what would you do?

9. Stiff Upper Lip: Recall a time where your fictomere had to be calm in the face of adversity. Was it a success, or a failure, and what was learned in the end?

10. Sleep Cycle: Is your fictomere nocturnal, diurnal, crepuscular, or something else entirely?

11. Illness: Do you know of any sicknesses that are unique to your fictomere's species or source? Is your fictomere immune to pathogens? What kind of diseases do you think would evolve to attack your species, if you're nonhuman or live in an extraterrestrial environment?

12. Friction: Is there anything about your identity that makes you feel embarrassed or insecure?

13. Interlude: What is your most peaceful noema?

14. To Each Their Own: Do you and your fictomere and/or headmates have different tastes in music?

15. Lost Message: If you could write a letter, stick it in a bottle, and toss it into the sea, who from your source would you want to find it? What would it say?

16. Hobbies: Does your fictomere have a hobby in canon? Is it meaningful to you, or do you occupy yourself with something else?

17. Animal: What animal best represents your fictomere? Alternatively, if your fictomere could shapeshift into any creature, what would it be?

18. Temperature: What is your fictomere's preferred method of dealing with the cold winter months? Does the changing season affect your identity at all?

19. Turning of the Wheel: Does your source have a harvest festival or an equivalent? Do you still observe it? What practices are you able to follow each year?

20. Fresh Start: If you could transport your fictomere into a new source, with the intention of living a better life, where would that be? What do you hope would be better there?

21. A Wizard Did It: Are there aspects of your identity that you can't logically explain from a spiritual or psychological point of view? Does it bother you, or are you able to shrug off what you don't understand?

22. Going Home: What was your home like in your source? Was it a specific building, a city, a landscape, a world? Was it a group of people?

23. Wide Open Seas: Does your fictomere have any connection or relation to water, whether that be the ocean, a lake, a river, a spring, the rain, or other source? Do you have any noemata surrounding a water feature?

24. Written by The Victors: Is there a major event in the history of your source that you remember and/or feel strongly about? Were you there to see and be a part of it, or did the impact of it on your source world make a difference in your fictomere's life long after it happened?

25. Powers: Does your fictomere have any strange powers, either in general or for your setting? What about other people/creatures in your source? Was there any kind of widespread magic or other power?

26. Area of Interest: Do you know a lot about something because of your fictomere? A specific field, or just a lot of facts about a topic? Is this because of memories/noemata or because of actual research? Take this as a chance to talk about it and its relation to your fictomere if you'd like.

27. Longest Journey: What was the longest or most important journey that your fictomere ever went on? What was it like, and why did they/you go?

28. Fandom: Does your source have a sizable fandom? Do you interact with it at all, or do you avoid it? How do you deal with content about your fictomere, especially if it feels "wrong" to you? If your source doesn't have a fandom (or has a small one), do you wish it did, or are you happy that it doesn't?

29. Lessons Learned: Has your fictomere or source taught you any lessons that you carry forth in your life?

30. Physical Reminders: Do you have any physical items related to or that remind you of your fictomere? Merch, something you made, or something else?

31. Great Achievements: What was the greatest thing that you/your fictomere ever achieved? Was this a great victory of some type, or something more mundane and personally satisfying?

32. Day-to-Day: What is your favorite mundane noemata? It doesn't necessarily have to be peaceful, just something fairly normal.

33. It's Complicated: Do you/your fictomere have a complicated opinion of, relationship with, or history with someone or something? Does it often get reduced to something simplistic, or is it portrayed accurately, according to you?

34. Musical Connection: Does your fictomere have any kind of connection to music? Are there any songs that really remind you of your fictomere?

35. Patience: If time were to pause for your fictomere, where would they be in 400 years? How might your source world change around them, to the best of your knowledge? How would your fictomere react to a wholly changed environment, society, and new faces?

36. Knowledge: Is there anything you wish you knew about your fictomere?

37. Technology: What was technology like for your fictomere? Is there anything that you wish you had now? Is there anything that you wish you'd had?

38. Creative Prompt 1: "Nothing hurts more than seeing yourself in the abyss for once."

39. Morality: Talk about morality for your fictomere or in your source. What's different, what's the same? Does your fictomere do things differently than most people?

40. Revenge: Do you have a grudge against anyone in your source? If you could meet them face to face, what would you do?

41. Creative Prompt 2: "I just want my skies to be clear and blue, / But I got tornadoes and thunderstorms, / Hurricanes and snow to still walk through."

42. Flora: Is plant life, or any specific plants, significant to your fictomere?

43. Creative Prompt 3: "You become the hero the city deserves, but not the one it needs."

44. Creative Prompt 4: "Don't make me say it. Please don't make me say it."

45. Gender: Does your fictomere have any effect on your gender?

46. Dance: Does your culture in-source have any dance/display routines? Are they recreational or ceremonial, or for something else entirely?

47. Creative Prompt 5: "How could we have known?"

48. Song: Pick a favorite song (or snag a random one off of a playlist) and write whatever comes to your mind relating to your fictomere.

49. Creative Prompt 6: "It's been a long time, hasn't it?"

50. Tech: Does your source contain any level of technological advancement? What kind of technology is your fictomere proficient with, if any? Is the technology mechanical, organic, or a mixture?

51. Creative Prompt 7: "It's almost dawn."

52. Creative Prompt 8: "I'm happy it's over."

53. To The Moon And Back: Is your fictomere capable of space travel? Do they require a vehicle, or are they able to exist in the vacuum of space itself? Alternatively, how do you think they would handle the opportunity to leave their home planet?

54. Responsibility: Did/does your fictomere have any particular responsibilities that are worth noting? Conversely, did/does anyone have responsibilities to your fictomere?

55. Strange Reflections: Do any other sources remind you of your own? Do any locations, characters, character archetypes, etc. remind you of your fictomere? Is this significant to you in any way, or just interesting?

56. Creative Prompt 9: Write a scene that you wish you could live/relive that has to do with your fictomere.

57. Mythology: Does your fictomere have any ties to mythology, either from this world or from your source?

58. Creative Prompt 10: "Do that again."

59. Sins of the Father: Was your fictomere ever blamed for or treated poorly because of the actions of others?

60. Creative Prompt 11: Write about coming home.

61. The Earth Underfoot: Does your fictomere have any special connection with the earth/land?

62. Language: Is there a specific language that is significant to your fictomere?

63. Creative Prompt 12: "Can you hear it?"

64. Games: Are there any games that remind you of your fictomere? Do you play them because of that, or avoid them? Which came first, the fictomere or the game?

65. Expertise: If your fictomere were to teach a class or give a presentation on something, what would it be?

66. Return: You're offered the chance to go back to your fictomere / go back to being them, right where you left off, but you never get to return to here. Do you take the offer? Why or why not?

67. Heroes: Is there anyone in your source that you look(ed) up to?

68. Learning: Where did your fictomere learn to do what they did? Alternatively, if your fictomere is a place, how and where do the people there (if any) learn?

Last updated: May 2022

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