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So, my Earth is really similar to the Earth we're currently on. More or less the same geography, more or less the same ecosystems, more or less the same weather. Except, sometimes, the weather is sentient.

Or, I guess it's more accurate to say that sometimes giant monsters, cryptids, mutants, aliens and the occasional elemental directly affect the weather.

There's this water elemental that roams the Great Planes. It's one of few things from the Ben 10 Reboot that's part of my canon. Its name is Fogg and, well, it takes the shape of a fog. It leads drivers astray, causes electronics to malfunction, and, once in a while, it eats people. Presumably. I'm not a cryptozoologist, or whoever it is that studies these things, but I know that they it's definitely sentient and it can take the shape of your loved ones to draw you deeper in. But it seems to be a natural part of Earth's ecosystem so it's not my problem.

The Thunderbird also exists, which is known to cryptozoologists, but has never been confirmed to the public. Kinda the same deal as mountain lions in Pennsylvania. I only know of it because my grandpa's a high ranking magister and I'm... friends? acquaintances...? idk, I've met Zak Saturday who's sorta like the king of the cryptids. The Thunderbird is more of a spirit with a physical body than it is an elemental or cryptid, but it does control the weather.

One time alien invaders lowered the Earth's temperature to prepare for invasion. They killed a few people while setting up their weather towers, and a few more while trying to conquer the Midwest. I stopped them before they could take over the whole planet, but some estimates following their defeat have calculated that they slowed down climate change a bit and might actually inadvertently have saved more people than they killed. Those reports are controversial though.

Also one time climate change brought the pacific garbage patch to life, if that counts.

Last updated: March 2022

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